The House of Green and Blue


My name is Emily and I run The House of Green and Blue

I am Mum to two awesome boys Elijah (5) and Jacob (3) and the reason I started this little shop was because I could not find a lot of stuff for boys, be it clothes, bedding, toys, that is that didn't have skulls, monsters or the latest Marvel movie splashed all over it. Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with that, my house is as full of Captain America costumes, toy Ninja Turtles and Ben 10 aliens as the next mums, its just nice to have a little variety (maybe even as much as what little girls have...)

We are called The House of Green and Blue because thats what we are!! Elijah's favourite colour is green and Jacob's is blue, we love trucks, going fast and anyone in a cape.  

We are located on the beautiful Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney, Australia. We do local markets here and we have this online store, we will post to anywhere in Aus and are currently working on International shipping.

By buying from us you are supporting small business, working mums and various charities, a portion of all profits from The House of Green and Blue go to charity every month, ones that particually focus on children, boys, or just things that they are interested in (for example we support Care Flight as my three year old is obsessed with helicopters right now) I try and support a different one every couple of months. 

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, I wish I was as photogenic, on trend and perfect as a lot of the accounts you see on social media but you know what? I'm a Mum (single mum), I have good days and bad ones, my boys are real, usually dirty, always hungry and actually hate having their picture taken. I try and post a lot of different things, pictures, helpful blog posts or books I've read (or started who am I kidding?? who gets time to read?) and new exciting products, please contact me if you like



Instagram: @thehouseofgreenandblue


I hope you find some great things for your boys here