MADE BY GENIUSES Baby Bodysuit - Periodically Inspired

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The perfect onesie for your instantly-brilliant offspring! Inspired by Dmitri Mendeleev, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements, but also inspired by all of the neuroscientist and astrophysicist parents out there!

100% ring spun cotton
3-snap bottom closure

This listing is for one charcoal gray MADE BY GENIUSES onesie- screenprinted in little Rhode Island! We are the exclusive Australian Stockists

What makes my parents GENIUSES?
★ Ge. Germanium is sold commercially in ingot bars that have an internal crystal structure, and is used in light emitting diodes and semiconductors.
★ Ni. Nickel's main form is pure nickel which is sold commercially. A typical use is in electroplating baths, where they are slowly dissolved and redeposited on products. Nickels (five-cent) coins are made of 75% copper. Only 25% is nickel, which makes the name a bit misleading.
★ U. Uranium is used in armor-piercing ammunition and counterweights. Only 20% less radioactive than natural uranium, it creates deadly hazards when used in anger.
★ S. Sulfur is one of the few elements found pure in nature. Also called brimstone, it oxidizes and is responsible for the characteristic smell of many volcanoes.
★ Es. The most famous scientist of all time, Albert Einstein, obviously deserves to have an element named after him. Unfortunately, this highly unstable element has a half-life of 472 days and no known applications!